Why Solitary Christian Ladies Can't Get Married

Christian Moms Marriage

More and more Christians (and non-Christians too, of course) are joining online dating services. Some of these people are extremely confident, but many are not. Men in particular are often unsure about how to present themselves, feeling a little confused about exactly what women are looking for.

My intended audience was working #LifeGivingLinkup and mothers; however the principles of the book have been attracting men and non-Christians as well. The book has crossed over, in fact, I have been asked to write another Surrendered Balance book that isn't just for women.

St. Augustine, not the most balanced Church Father of the lot proclaimed that man only was made in God's image and not woman. But that's what Paul said too. He went on to note that men were quite complete without a woman, but that women could only be complete with a man. Man alone was self contained and complete alone. Once again, time has shown how untrue this all is, but the concept is still used by many churches and pastors to keep women in "their place" and fulfilling their "role".

Is it not clear that Islam again gives a higher status to females? What Islam came to radicate -- the bad treatment of females -- still continues in today's Protestant and Catholic scriptures.

These are just a few things that most women want in a Christian man. Men, if you follow these principles, your dates will be more frequent and you may even find yourself walking down the wedding aisle sooner than you ever thought possible!

Christian Moms Marriage

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